The Flash Season 4 Thoughts

The third season of The Flash was a little disappointing to me. Arrow has always been the champion of dark and brooding, while Barry Allen’s story was always meant to be fun. Going back to basics, by reinjecting humour and fun, was a good idea and one that worked for the most part. The season... Continue Reading →

A Crash Course

When I moved back to London I didn't buy myself a car. I didn't need one as it was a short bus journey to work, and public transport in the city is generally quite good. Anyway, you need to be a special type of eejit to want to drive around London. If I needed a car, I would... Continue Reading →

Timeless Season 2 Thoughts

I wasn’t surprised when Timeless got cancelled at the end of the first season.  I liked it, but it certainly wasn’t special. I was pleasantly surprised when it was reprieved and hoped that it become a stronger show in it’s second year. The sophomore season of Timeless is scaled back. The reality of a tighter... Continue Reading →

Sense8 Finale Thoughts

It’s that time of the year again where TV seasons come to an end, and I’ve realised that I’ve got a backlog of posts to write. So it’s time for me to do quite a bit of thinking. I had mixed feelings when Sense8 was originally cancelled. I thought that it was interesting and unique,... Continue Reading →

Solo : A Star Wars Story Thoughts

Before sharing my thoughts about the film itself, I have something that I need to talk out first.. A question I keep on reading articles asking if we have reached Star Wars saturation with the films being too close together. Let’s compare Star Wars with the other big property owned by Disney, Marvel. In the... Continue Reading →

Ringing Bells

From an early age I seemed to stand out from the crowd. I didn’t think that I was that remarkable, but for some reason I was known to most of the teachers at my school. My reputation was as someone who played by the rules and was a natural follower. I also think that I was quite pathetic at... Continue Reading →

My Happy Place

If you don’t recognise the picture that I’ve used at the top of this post, it is of Spaceship Earth in Walt Disney World. I’ve worked there in the past, and I still refer to it as being my dream job. In fact, I would happily go back right now if I could.  I’m not too bothered about most of the... Continue Reading →

Sci-Fi London Part 2 Longs

I wrote about the short films that I had the opportunity to watch during this year's Sci-Fi London, not onto the fully fledged films. But before I begin a side note about the festival itself. This was my first year going, and I enjoyed it immensely. I don't consider myself as someone who goes to... Continue Reading →

Sci-London Part 1 Shorts

Last week, I had the opportunity to spend some time at The London International Festival of Science Fiction and Fantastic Film. It's better known as, in a less keyboard bashing way, Sci-Fi London. As the UK's only film festival dedicated to Science Fiction, it is the best place to see new independent films in a... Continue Reading →

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