The Geekmeister General

I am a geek right to the ends of my fingertips. By day, I work in IT as an infrastructure manager, and at night, I watch dodgy science fiction television. My desk at work has one personal item, a picture of which you can see on this post. I’m proud of my geek credentials.

There is a book by Tim Collins called “Are you a Geek?”  Normally, I’m not one for geek tests, but this is done with a humorous slant. It even has faux certificates at the back so that you show off your geekiness. I did it once for a laugh and ended up getting three times the maximum level. I think I may have broken it.

I consider myself to be an all round geek. Meaning I know a little bit about most things, rather than being a fan of one genre. If I come across something new and I find it interesting, I’m the sort of person who then throws themselves right into it. I like to try new things.

I’m also a bit of a sports fan, but in my own geeky way. I like watching sports for the technical aspects. I couldn’t tell you who is currently in the English rugby team (either code), but I could happily bore you with the differences between league and union. When I come across a new sport, I’ll happily spend a couple of hours figuring out how it works. Do you think that I am naturally curious?

I’m not a fan of subjective sports like figure skating, gymnastics or most of the X-games things. If the winner is decided by judges, it isn’t really a sport to me. Outside of those, I’ll give anything a go.

I’ve been throwing around the word geek quite liberally in this post. I’ve even mentioned it in relation to sports, but that shouldn’t compute. What do I mean when I say geek?

To me, a geek is simply someone who has a passion for a thing, and attempts to learn as much as they can about that thing. Traditionally, a geek would be a person who is into something that isn’t in the mainstream. However, I would quite happily argue that you can be geeky about things that are popular.

Is there a difference between two people talking about the latest Marvel movie and two others talking about last night’s big match? While us geeks are complaining about writers, directors, and actors, the football fans are complaining about referees, managers and players.

I can remember when geek and nerd were used in a derogatory manner, and I am happy that those days are largely gone. I think that the rest of society realised that we were secretly enjoying ourselves while they were busy trying to be cool. Either that, or they found out that your average geek doesn’t care.

I will at some stage write a post about negativity in the geek community, but that is a discussion for another time.

If you will excuse me, as I put on the wall my certificate announcing that I am a Geekmeister General.

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