Anne, Anne, Anne, and Anne Part 2

In case you are wondering, I’m still in quite a bit of pain this morning, but you will be glad to know that I am now on so many pills that I now rattle when I walk. I can even sit down for about fifteen minutes before I need to stand up and walk around to remove the pain in my legs. Yesterday, I mentioned Older Anne and her mightly laser pistol but I do have another story regarding two of the other Annes. So, shall we continue.

After my mother had calmed down she remembered that she had brought with her my swimming trunks. I was going into the pool for some aquatic therapy the next day, as I was still having problems putting weight on my bad knee. The natural buoyancy of the water was going to allow me to start getting back to normal slowly.

The next morning, my wheelchair and I were taken to the pool. I still couldn’t really bend my knee and I received some help changing. Next thing I know I was being lowered into the pool. Brunette Anne was going to be helping me in the session, and we got to work.

Brunette Anne was wearing a one piece speedo, which would have been quite conservative to a non-hormone filled teenage boy. To me, I hadn’t seen anything so beautiful in my life.

There were meant to be another patient in the pool at the same time, but for some reason they didn’t show. This meant that Blonde Anne joined us, a few minutes later as she really didn’t have anything else to do. For comparison sake she was wearing a black one piece speedo which appeared to shimmer as she moved through the water.

It’s strange that I cannot remember the faces of any of the Annes, but I can remember what they were wearing like it was yesterday.

I had a forty minutes session where I did a mixture of exercises involving either balance or movement. I was told not to worry about falling over, as the Annes told me that they would catch me before I hurt myself.

I have never fallen over so many times in my life. It was like trying to do the tight rope during the middle of an earthquake, and forgetting the rope. Every two steps, I was losing my balance and pitching myself backwards or forwards. Sometimes, it was even by accident. Of course, an Anne was always there to catch me. In my opinion, no sixteen year old had ever had such fun, but like most things in life it eventually came to an end.

As I was being put back on the lift to take me out of the pool I realised that my trunks were not sitting as they were at the beginning of the session. I subtly covered myself in the hopes that no one would have noticed, and got myself into my wheel chair without exposing myself.

Brunette Anne asked if I needed any help changing back into my normal clothes. It was an offer I kindly declined, with her response being a knowing smile. Yes, now being a little bit older I know that they both knew what was going on. I’m just glad that they didn’t laugh at my face.

I tried to calm down naturally. When I eventually did, my knee had locked completely, so I had all sorts of problems reaching things. It ended up taking me over half an hour to take off my trunks and put on my underwear and bottoms. I shudder to think what either Anne was thinking about why it was taking so long.

For some reason I never told my mother the second part of this story.

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