The Neon Museum

I got an email today from the Neon Museum in Las Vegas. That sounds rather random until I mention that I visited it a couple of years ago, and for reason I seem to still be on their mailing list.

When you think about Las Vegas the first thoughts are about bright lights and gambling. I’ve never been a big gambler, I look at some the casinos on the strip and ask myself, “How many people lost how much money to build these things.”

However, Las Vegas was on my bucket list of places that I wanted to go on holiday to. I wanted to experience the insanity of the place, and I certainly did, but that is a story for another post. After some research, I found a bunch of things that I could do without putting myself in moral peril.

Those bright lights I mentioned earlier, what do you think happens to those lights when they are replaced?

Previously one of two things happened. The signs as they were normally leased from the designer, would be given back and as much as possible recycled into other signs. Or if the resort was being demolished, the signs would go down with the ship so to speak. But now there is a third option.

The Neon Museum in Las Vegas is now the home to that signage of the past. As the ubiquitous laser display board has become the display of the present, with its infinite options of what can be shown. The humble signs of yesteryear are being replaced.

The museum’s goal is to preserve as much of that classic signage as possible, and to restore some of them to their former glory. If you go around downtown Las Vegas you see some of the restored neon signs on display.

Visiting is by appointment only, you will find out why when you get there. Let’s just say that the visitor centre is small, and away from anything else. This can be easily sorted out before you travel. You spend about an hour listening to the history of Vegas in neon, while taking pictures and wondering how they went about fixing things in the past before health and safety became a thing.

Enjoy the pictures, and if you get a chance give it a quick visit.

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