Crisis on Earth-X

I had a few problems with last year’s Arrowverse four part major crossover. The obvious one was that it wasn’t really four parts. The Supergirl episode didn’t have any crossover until the last thirty seconds when Barry and Cisco turns up asking for Kara’s help.

It also contained The Arrow’s 100th episode, it felt like it was the centrepiece for the crossover, but there was still The Legends of Tomorrow still to go. Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoyed the crossover story from last year it was just that there were lessons to be learned.

And boy were they learned.

The individual show branding is dropped and replaced by Crisis of Earth-X, and with the episodes not generally concentrating on their title character, they felt rather more balanced. Starting with Barry and Iris’ wedding gave a really easy excuse to put the band back together, and of course it doesn’t quite go to plan. Thanks to a bunch of people from Nazi Earth under the command of Fuhrer Queen and his wife Kara.

Having Oliver and Kara, working with Reverse Flash, as the big bads means that you don’t have to spend too much time setting things up. The multiverse within the Arrowverse is so established by now, that having evil\good doppelgangers doesn’t even raise an eyebrow. This leads to a number of cameos, including some from returning characters.

The heart of the episode isn’t evil Oliver nor Overgirl needing Kara’s heart. It isn’t even the various relationship storylines. It was Jax, Martin and the breakup of Firestorm. We’ve known for a while that Professor Stein would be leaving the Waverider to retire and spend more time with his family. Team Flash even comes up with a safe way to split the pair, but both men have their doubts. Eventually they admit to each other that they are going to miss their bond, as they are like father and son. Then…

It completely caught me out. They went and killed off Professor Martin Stein. I teared up when Martin asks Jax for the vial that breaks their link, and then again when Jefferson tells Clarissa that her husband is dead. By the funeral I was a gibbering mess, and Jax’s few words were pitch perfect.

The story ends, as it began with the wedding of Barry and Iris, this time a little bit more low key, and rather more successful. They are joined in wedded bliss by Oliver and Felicity. I’m hoping that Diggle didn’t actually marry all four to each other. Actually, it brings me to my one big criticism (outside of the hero CGI effects which in the last episode was really bad), that is the whole Oliver and Felicity marriage thing.

Oliver, it isn’t the done thing to do a surprise pop the question bit at the rehearsal dinner for someone else’s wedding. It isn’t all about you. Also, I was never convinced by the reasons why Felicity didn’t want to marry Oliver, nor by how quickly she changed her mind. They’ve only just got back together, and it would have played better over time. Also, they’re trying to overshadow Barry and Iris. Not a good thing.

Overall, outside of that little rant I really enjoyed this year’s crossover. You know why? It was unadulterated fun. Sometimes all you need for a good time is to punch a bunch of Nazis.

Take note DCEU, this is how you do a superhero team up properly.

I’ll finish with some random thoughts:

  • So true Kara, the Dominators were so last year.
  • We had a shark, ninjas and Nazis. Is that the trifecta of villain types?
  • Ray Terrill says the reason that he was arrested was for loving the wrong person. Russell Tovey who played The Ray appeared in Doctor Who and was last seen being chatted up at an intergalactic bar by a certain Captain Jack Harkness. Who was portrayed by John Barrowman. Now, if only the boyfriend was Malcolm Merlyn instead…
  • I loved the scene where Stein, who knows that Jax still wants to have superpowers, tries to sell the serum he created which allows the younger man to stick to things. It comes across as the worst power ever.
  • I’m not 100% certain if this was a misstep, but Harry mentions that would be 53 Supergirls, one on each Earth. Where is the Supergirl on Earth 1? Or am I reading too much into this?
  • Where was Ray Palmer during the first three parts? I know that he is more of an Arrow character than Flash. So was Sara, who was at the wedding. I just felt a little sorry for him being stuck with the newbies, but he did make a great entrance.
  • Mentioning Sara. Alex being all over the place after their one night stand was really funny. Alex had always been the steady one of the Danvers sisters, but it felt natural considering where she is at the moment.
  • Mick was great in trying to see more of Killer Frost. So I’m assuming that Skirt never phoned him. Just pointing out that Kara is in a bit of a funk, and Mick would certainly open her eyes to new experiences.
  • “General, would you care to step outside.” And “Up, up and away.” Really we had to go there. It made me smile though.
  • One final question, where is the Barry Allen in Earth-X?

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