The Grand Canyon

When I told people that I was going to Las Vegas on holiday, the first place I was suggested to visit was the Grand Canyon. Some suggested flying there, others helicopter trips, and yet more suggested going on a day trip by coach. Even by my standards, I was getting the subtle hints that I really should visit the place.

So, when planning the trip I looked at the different options. Plane/Helicopter would be obviously a shorter trip, but was very expensive and I didn’t really want to just see it out a window. If budget wasn’t a problem, would have done the helicopter ride where you landed inside the canyon. Budget was, so I ended up going by coach.

We left the hotel at the rather civilised time of eight in the morning for the four hours plus ride to the canyon. There were five of us on the trip so there was plenty of room to spread out in the mini coach we were in. The journey there was fairly uneventful, with the exception of stopping next to a Flintstone’s Campground. I wish I was making it up…

Any hew, we got to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon, parked up, walked through some trees and wow! Let me say that again, WOW! My legs were visibly shaking the first time I walked towards the edge, so much so I stopped about ten feet away. It’s been a while, but I can’t quite put into words the beauty of the place. For once, group think was right, and I would be more than kicking myself if I hadn’t visited.

The plan was that we had three hours at the rim. We were dropped off at Yavapai Point and we were going to be picked up at the El Tovar Hotel which was about a mile and a half away.

It took me about two hours to walk that mile and a half track to where we were going to get picked up. I think that I ended up walking about five miles. Every time there was an opportunity to get off the path and safely get close to the edge, I took it. If it wasn’t so burningly hot, I would probably still be standing there right now looking out.

I did want to get to the pick up a wee bit early, as next to the hotel was the Bright Angel Trailhead. For those of you not in the know, the Bright Angel Trail is one of the trails which goes down into the canyon. Again, if money wasn’t an object, you can go down and up it by mule and spend an evening in the canyon itself. The great thing is that you can also hike down it. Which I did.

Not that I went down far. I’m not in the best of shape as it is, but I did spend ten minutes walking down the beginning of the trail. Scrambling back up wasn’t fun, but it was certainly worth it to see what it was like.

You will have noticed a lack of pictures in this post. I’m trying something new with this post and including a little Youtube video with a slideshow of my pictures.

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