Star Wars: The Last Jedi Some Thoughts

This post isn’t really a review of The Last Jedi, but more some random thoughts that I’ve had about the movie now that I’ve watched it a second time. If you haven’t seen the film yet; I would give this post a miss. I will be bringing up major plot points from the film.

Some said that The Force Awakens felt very much like the original Star Wars film. I could see a little bit of that, but I felt that there was enough originality in the film to keep it fresh. I just felt that the pivotal scenes were a rehash of the best bits from Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi. It’s unfair to say this, but it felt like an inferior copy.

I feel sorry for Poe. It may have been better in the long term for him to have just died on Jacku. Actually, the whole fleet running away bit seemed to me to be a storyline hamster wheel. If I’m the First Order why wouldn’t I have sent a bomber squadron after the three ships. Especially as they had no fighter support, because you know, you’ve destroyed their launch bay.

Or if I was the resistance, why wouldn’t I have done that light speed trick with one of the other ships just before they ran out of fuel. Mass probably had something to do with it, but wouldn’t you have at least given it a go.

Even the whole thing about Finn needing to get on board the lead ship to confuse the light speed tracking tech seemed contrived. Why would only the lead ship to running it? Have the First Order never heard of redundancy in case the first breaks down? Spare a thought for Phasma, who still managed to do nothing, but this time died for her cause.

The best part of the film to me was the relationship between Rey and Kylo Ren. There is a wonderful sense of Chemistry between the two of them. Watching it, I was expecting them to be on the same side by the end of the film. The fact that they aren’t makes things interesting.

I also liked their psychic connection; I think that some has been watching Lord of the Rings again. It was used sparingly, to explain why Luke isolated himself away from everyone else. Luke sees himself as a failure, and it takes Yoda to slap him around the back of the head to snap Luke into action.

Oh, and did anyone else notice that Rey has the Jedi books. Will Episode IX end with Rey starting her own academy?

As for the First Order, the Supreme Grand Chancellor is a man with really bad anger management issues. The Resistance just has to sit there and watch them implode with no help needed.

Other things that I liked. Rose was a great edition, whilst BB-8 was the hero we all deserve. Vice Admiral Holdo was interesting, but couldn’t she have just told her plan to Poe. It really wasn’t that complicated. Luke on Crait was superb. I giggled when Luke walked out unhurt after being shot at by the AT-ATs and Hux going “I think you’ve shot him enough”. Oh no you didn’t.

One other thing, they really got me with Leia’s non-death. First time around, I cried as she drifted into space. It seemed the perfect way for the character to go. It must have been tempting to just leave it there, and cut her out of the remaining film. They didn’t and I’m glad.

So, the two biggest questions from the first film. Who is Snoke, and who are Rey’s parents? Both aren’t important, as Rey isn’t anyone special and Snoke isn’t the big bad after all. It is refreshing that neither is important; I’m just glad that Rey isn’t a Skywalker. It shows that Star Wars is moving away from the original cast. Even that little bit at the end where we see a child using the force proves that the universe is moving on.

The previous film was the swansong of Han Solo, and this is the end for Luke Skywalker. You can see that the mantle is being taken over by the new characters. It’s a shame that there will be no Leia in Episode IX, we can still wonder how they say goodbye to our favourite princess.

Reading this, you may get the idea that I didn’t like The Last Jedi. I enjoyed the Force aspects of it and will probably watch it again in the next week or so. It was a flawed film, but still entertaining.

I think somehow this has turned into a review. Oh well!

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