Guest Relations

In the good old days if you wanted to look at your old pictures you would have to go searching for where you put your albums and then hope to find the right one. Things are so convenient now that I have electronic copies from my last few trips on my ipad, phone, computer and OneDrive. Contrary to what happens normally, I even look at them more often than if they were physical.

I spent part of last night looking at some pictures from my last few Disney trips. For no reason in particular, I was looking for a picture that I thought I had taken of a monorail train inside EPCOT from the gardens. Could I find this picture? No, it doesn’t exist, but I do have one from outside the EPCOT gates. It’s strange how your own mind plays tricks on yourself.

While doing this, I remembered a story from a past visit to the Parisian resort. I used to own a red waterproof coat, which I was quite fond of wearing when it rains as it is very good at keeping me dry. The funny thing is, at the Disneyland Park in Paris the mobile information cast members wear similar coats. The difference being that theirs had rather large Mickey Mouse heads on them whilst mine didn’t.

As I was wondering around minding my own business I was stopped by some random bloke asking me a bunch of questions. His first one was what time Tinkerbell flew from the castle at? I told him that Tinkerbell flies from the castle at Disney World but the evening fireworks show was going to start at eight weather permitting. This answer led to a slew of other Disneyland Paris related questions which I patiently answered.

After what felt like a ten minute grilling, he let me go on my way with me thinking that he really should have bought a guide. Unfortunately, I didn’t notice the short queue that seemed to have magically appeared behind him with other guests wanting a piece of my wisdom.

I doled out advice, on the best way of touring the park, where was a good place to sit down for ten minute, how to use the fastpass system, and anything else which came to their minds. I did get chirped at for not being able to speak French. But all in all, I was able to answer their queries and people seemed happy to get the advice.

Later in the day I snuck off to Casey’s Corner for a quick bite to eat. As an aside, I do have a rule that I’ll always eat at Casey’s Corner at least once on a trip. It may be the hot dogs, or the baseball motif, or the occasional piece of piano playing. Actually, it’s all three. It’s my favourite little bit of Americana.

Any hew, whilst eating a hotdog I bumped into one of the people I had spoken to earlier. He seemed surprised that I was eating at one of the fast food joints. He thought that I worked for Disney. When I pointed out that I was a guest not a cast member, he laughed that I should really think about applying as I already had the coat for it.

For some reason I didn’t wear my red waterproof coat on the remainder of the trip. I don’t know why.

I suppose that if I was to work in a Disney Park I would want to work in Guest Relations. I generally like to help people, and I already know lots about the parks. I also seem to have one of those faces which people just want to queston. But don’t tell anyone I said it or everyone will ask me questions.

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