2017 in Review

It is those few days between Christmas and New Year and I thought that I was going to write a number of articles about my favourite things from the year. I then listed all of the things that I wanted to write about and realised that it was never going to happen. So, for once, I’m going for quantity over quality. I will write proper posts about a few of these things, but for now…


May I present my quick hit review of 2017.


  • The first thing to mention will be BSG gate. I wrote a quiz in February and made a joke about the reimagined series being a “crappy remake”. For four months I had at least one person come up to me during a meetup defending the series. I would like to point out on the record that I enjoyed the second BSG. It was good. Ok, there I said it.
  • I would like to point out that not one person defended the Bionic Woman remake.
  • I did feel that there was something missing with Peter Capaldi’s Doctor this season, but I’m still sad that he will be leaving us. Not as much as I’m going to miss Missy, who will forever be the evil Mary Poppins.
  • I really enjoyed the Christmas episode though. It felt the same, but different, and I liked the concept. But where was Missy?
  • Speaking of Doctor Who, I was on a cruise when it was announced that Jodie Whittaker would be the next Doctor. The ship’s newsletter said that the star of Broadchurch was going to be the first female Doctor, including a picture of David Tennant with Olivia Coleman. For a week I thought the wrong actress was going to play everyone’s favourite Timelord. No guessing my surprise when I finally saw the reveal teaser.
  • I’m still upset that Dark Matter has been cancelled. I admit that there were a couple of missteps this year, cough Zairon cough, but it was still amazing. It’s one of those shows where I would read an essay on how it was going to pan out. Hint! Hint!
  • Thanks Netflix for at least giving us a film to finish up Sense8. I would have preferred a third season, but beggars can’t be choosers. I’ve no idea on how they are going to stick that landing. Just remember the (alternative) Babylon 5 mantra. Trust JMS.
  • I think that this series of Red Dwarf has been the best since the sixth.
  • If I was a superhero, I would want to be part of Legends of Tomorrow. It’s so silly, and they mess up. I could easily fit in. Oh, and Mick Rory is the greatest non-superhero on TV.
  • Have I mentioned that I got to dress up as myself at the Halloween party?
  • I still haven’t found a Sci Fi podcast that has grabbed me. Farscape Friday, a podcast where two friends are watching Farscape, is something I’ve started. I want to find something which is more general though.
  • I did my first set of LARPs this year and had a really great time. I got to save the world a few times. Ok, the Drakh turned up one time and then blew up the planet. Not my fault!
  • I could easily write an article about great LARP moments. Only allowing myself one, it was solving a puzzle box in about two minutes forcing a break in the game as the game runner started mumbling to himself that it should have taken half an hour.
  • Finally got around to watching Rick and Morty. I can see what the fuss is about. I have one question though, isn’t the Citadel of Ricks the most unrickiest thing? Rick never comes across as being able to play well with others. Or is that the joke?
  • Been continuing my adventure into anime from last year. Assassination Classroom is a whole heap of fun with a poignant ending. Stein’s Gate is simply awesome, and both Pschyo Pass and Ghost in the Shell SAC made me do a lot of thinking. Sword Art Online though, WTF?
  • I did pick up a new obsession this year. Attack on Titan. I’m not a big comic person, but I have subscribed to the ongoing manga. Waiting a month between chapters is not good for my mental health.
  • I was disappointed by the new Ghost in the Shell movie. It had most of the beats of the anime film, but it somehow missed the point of the film. It failed for me emotionally.
  • Still haven’t seen any of the DC movies, and the Marvel one I’ve seen this year is the Thor one. I’m certain that Thor: Ragnarok was a comedy masquerading as a superhero film. Best part was of course Hulk throwing Thor around and Loki enjoying every second of it.
  • Mentioning Marvel. Agents of Shield had it’s best year. Splitting the season into parts worked really well, as the storylines never felt bogged down. Aida was also a great antagonist. Now about Inhumans, was I the only person disappointed?
  • On the Netflix side of things, The Defenders didn’t disappoint and was full of swerves. A shout out for the use of colours in the early episodes. One thing, can we quicken up the pace a wee bit please.
  • I’ve already said this but my one line review of The Last Jedi goes like this. Jedi stuff great, everything else meh! Four times around and that is still my thought.
  • I realised on Boxing Day that the second season of Travellers had been released on Netflix. If you haven’t watched it before, stop reading and just watch it. I blew though the season in two days. I’ll have to watch The Punisher another time.


One last thing to mention, I think that 2017 was a great year for being a geek (I may have said the same thing last year). The problem that we are getting now that there are too many good things out there, and it is becoming impossible to be up to date on everything. It’s the best problem to have.


Now, if the Bionic Woman remake defenders would like to make an orderly queue…

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