Travelers Season Two

Between Christmas and New Year, I had the opportunity to watch the second season of Travelers on Netflix. Actually, I ended up watching it over three days, the first half on Boxing Day and the second half over the following two evenings. Here are my quick thoughts.

Before you read this, go and watch the first two seasons now. Not because I’m going to write spoilers (which I will), but it’s really good. I’ll be still here when you finish watching it. Don’t worry!

The second season begins as the first ended with the team fractured over destroying the quantum frame as the FBI close in on them. The situation is resolved by turning all of the FBI agents into Travelers through the frame. An interesting solution, but one which asks all sorts of moral questions. Why doesn’t the Director just take over the right people at the right time?

That last questioned is answered in the seventh episode of the season, 17 minutes. It explains really well the limitations on what the Director can and cannot do. It also introduces us to the concept of parallel universes, ones which Travelers fail in their missions. I’m hoping to see more of this down the line, and with what is happening with Philip I think we will get it.

I want to give a big shout out to Grace, who is my MVP of the season. She is a pain in the backside, but she is certainly always on the ball. In the first couple of episodes she asks a question which really explains the first half of the season. Her trial is a hoot, especially when it was her plan which saved the Director in the first place. “You’re welcome.” I even liked that she was considered Trevor’s closest friend by 0001. But didn’t she act a wee bit strange in that final scene?

The season ends with the Travelers possibly being exposed to the world at large. We however see it from the perspective of those closest to out Traveller team, and it is devastating. The trust between the team and their loved ones (host’s loved ones possibly) is completely broken. As is probably a few of the relationships.

It is the two main relationships which are the emotional core of the series as a whole. I’m sorry I don’t quite get that Carly loves Jeff Jr, it feels more like an obligation to me. I’m talking about how Marcy and Grant have fitted into their host’s lives.

I’m going to focus on Marcy and David, because I can and it is sweet. It doesn’t surprise me that David would use his lottery winnings on buying stuff for his clients. It did when we learnt Marcy’s backstory (if I was being critical I would say that it was too plot convenient), but seeing their relationship from the beginning made me smile. I especially loved the BFF bit. So of course, they got together just before the end of season revelation.

Some couples just never catch a break. Don’t they?

My one criticism of the season is that some storylines seemed to be too rushed. It may have felt differently if I watched it over a longer time frame, but there never felt that there was any time to breathe between storylines. Trevor’s storylines especially just to appear and then go back into the background just as quickly. I wouldn’t have minded more FBI scenes concerning the possible exposure of the Travelers.

Even though the journey seemed rushed, I like where the season ended. Does the focus continue to be on 0001? What about the relationships between Grant and Kat; Marcy and David; Carly, Jeff and Jeff Jr? They have to deal with the actual authorities. How is that going to go? Is this all ultimately part of the grand plan of the Director?

I suppose I’m going to have to wait until next Christmas to find out… I hope.

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