Youtube for Books

One of the things I love about Youtube is that every so often I can do a deep dive into the best scenes from a particular television series. A couple of days ago, in an attempt to not do my ironing, I spent a couple of hours watching Chuck clips. I eventually got around to doing my housekeeping, but not until I had my fill of those moments of awesomeness. Some even including Awesome.

When I’m in that sort of mood, I just want the good stuff. I know I would be bored watching a whole episode, and having those moments of greatness fulfils my need. Sometimes all I want are the edited highlights.

If only I could do the same with books.

I wouldn’t consider myself to be a prolific reader, I do try and spend at least half an hour reading before going to bed. I’ve also found over time, that I have so much new stuff that I want to read that I don’t have time to re-read anything. I also have a thing for door stopper sized fantasy series, so I know that a Wheel of Time read through is going to take me at least a year. I feel as though I don’t have enough time as it is, without enlarging the issue.

This to me, means having some sort of shortcut to the good stuff would be the best thing ever. If I want to read something chapter sized, I would pull the book off the shelf and just read it. I must read Verin’s reveal in Towers of Midnight every couple of months. It’s great, but every so often I want to read a shorter passage.

For example, I wanted to reread Lelldorin’s story of how he ended up marrying Ariana from the Belgariad. It’s a funny passage which illustrates the stupidity of Arends, and the hopelessness of Lelldorin in particular. I like it, as it makes me laugh. The thing is, to read those couple of paragraphs, I’ve got to remember which book it’s from and then find it. There must be an easier way.

And to use that as a launching platform to find other fun things to read. Forget about it.

I do own the Kindle version, but I’ve never liked how it does bookmarks. It’s my own fault, I’m just too lazy to do it myself. Youtube is great because someone else has done all of the hard work.

There are sites that have quotes from the books, but they are generally too short. I have even seen websites which claim to be Youtube for books, but are nothing more than eBook repositories. Am I the only person with this problem?

My point is, for me anyway having sort clips allows me to reconnect with a TV series that I may not have watched for a while. It then gets me in the mood to watch a couple of episodes, or if it is the summer a complete rewatch. I wouldn’t mind something similar with books.

You never know, I may one year get around to reading The Wheel of Time again. Now if you will excuse me, I’m off to watch a couple of episodes of Chuck.

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