Episodes – An Introduction

The gimmick behind this blog is that you are visiting my virtual pub, which is decorated with the important items from my life, and the posts are why these items are important to me. I did think about spelling out what each object was in the title or something but then I realised that it may involve more effort than it was worth.

However, it doesn’t mean that I can’t describe the pub a little bit. So far, I’ve been going through things in the main lounge area. It’s setup something like an old fashioned village pub. Low beamed ceilings, loads of nooks and crannies, a place conducive to private conversations and plenty of space to hang things from.

If you take the right turns, you’ll find yourself coming across two doors. The door on the right is labelled games room, which I will talk about it another time. On the left you turn the handle and walk into the TV room.

It’s far more modern than the rest of The Geeky Eejit, with a few rows of really comfortable seats for patrons to relax on. At the front of the room, there is the latest in television technology with a sound system that would make a cinephile cry. It is designed simply to give you the best viewing experience ever.

But what is showing here?

Outside of the 1993 All Ireland Football Final, and Game 4 of the 2004 ALCS, there is no sport shown. The rest of the time, it’s all about the Science Fiction, and a little bit of comedy. All of my favourite episodes are on show during the day, with movie marathons in the evenings. When you look around the room you will notice posters for my favourite shows of all time.

This leads me to the episodes section of this blog. Another thing going into the rotation will be me writing about my favourite Science Fiction episodes of all time. It’s going to be, like the rest of the blog, a little bit all over the place. I’m not going to do them in any particular order, and I’m going to jump from show to show.

I’ve talked about this being a place to sit back and read a story or three. Well, now you can sit back and watch an episode or three as well.

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