Earlier this week I talked about both cruising and my adventure of seeing nothing in St Helens, not I’m going to link of those posts together with this one. It’s almost as if I have planned this…

A couple of years ago, I went on a cruise to Norway. One of the highlights was going to be an excursion to a place called Trollstigen. Well, when I say place, it is actually a mountain road. There are viewing points at the top of the path (Trollstigen meaning Trolls’ path), from which you can watch traffic snake it way up and down.

It should look something like this.


Quite spectacular isn’t it.

Well not the day I got there! The weather was quite terrible on the day I visited. So, this is the view I got.


I did at least get to see a Troll.


I was a little disappointed, but I did take far too many picture of things that I couldn’t see. There is also a part of me that wants to go back just so that I can see it properly. However, with my luck, it’ll be worse.

The best part was trying to get back down afterwards. The coach had come up from the other side, but the plan was to drive down Trollstigen. Which we eventually did after an hour of waiting. With it being a rather narrow road, the police were convoying vehicles in both directions. There simply wasn’t enough visibility to use the normal passing places. It was a fun drive as per this picture.

Norway Driving

I had an enjoyable time, in an abstract sort of way. This sort of thing happens regularly in my experience. So, I’ve learned to roll with it over the years.

You could say that I was being trolled.

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