Episodes – Endless

I have a thing about series finales. As a completest, I like knowing the whole story. Every thread doesn’t have to be in a perfect bow, but an ending should be answering questions not asking them. Can you guess at one I’m thinking about? Ultimately, a send-off should be like a great delusion, really satisfying.

Warehouse 13 is at it’s heart two things, fun and a procedural. There is a vague arc to each season, but each episode is about weird stuff happening, finding an artefact and snagging, bagging and tagging said macguffin. It’s silly, but I really enjoyed it. Anyway, let me introduce to you Endless, the last episode of Warehouse 13.

The plot of Endless is quite straightforward. With there being a high probability that the warehouse is going to move in the near future, Mrs Fredric gives the agents an opportunity to share their defining moment and have it recorded by the warehouse’s time capsule.

Claudia’s moment comes first. It is an opportunity for Allison Scagliotti to show off her dancing ability. It is also a very funny, and typical warehouse fare. However the realisation at the end comes out of left field. I’m nitting picks here, but Steve as the human lie detector would have known this already wouldn’t he?

Of all the flashbacks Artie’s is the best short story. He is off doing some snagging, bagging and tagging. The memory shows that he also has one last secret. This leads to one last kind of father daughter talk between Artie and Claudia. I’ve always loved those scenes, and it links these first two parts together nicely.

Myka ends up doing what she does best, deducing things and then beating people up. This is the clip that I would love to see a fully-fledged episode. Think desperate housewives meets ninjas. I’m getting some déjà vu vibes at the realisation at the end of the clip.

Steve, as he puts it himself, has always been the Marilyn Munster of the Warehouse 13 family. He’s the new guy even after three seasons, and sometimes it felt that he was a spare wheel. His clip is fairly blah, but the payoff from it is undoubtedly the one that makes the most sense.

Pete was always the emotional heart of the program. He was the one who thought that the warehouse moving was a problem that needed to be solved. The memory he shared was perfect, as it showed simply how important the warehouse and its people are to him.

There is a surprising amount of new things thrown at the viewer in this episode. There is some retconning, but it is mostly resolved within the episode. I don’t mind that, as I’m guessing that the writing team wanted to share what they had planned in the future. Parts were very rushed though.

Talking about things feeling rushed. This is now your spoiler alert.

I need to address the Pete and Myka romance here. I’m not generally a shipper, but I’m surprisingly fine with this. I’ve always loved the sensible sister, childish brother dynamic between the pair and the complete lack of “will they, won’t they” was refreshing. However, there is also a certain amount of realism to the idea of close friends becoming romantic.

We also have no idea if it would have lasted. So if steampunk moonlighting isn’t your thing, pretend Myka and Pete realise quickly that it wouldn’t work and things go back to normal. Yes, it wasn’t needed, but most of this episode consists of the writers showing the ideas they never got to show us fully.

And back to your normal programming.

A few quick thoughts without spoilering things too much.

  • Mrs Frederic and Jinks need their own spin off where they go around being sassy together.
  • It was good to see Artie getting a thank you from the warehouse.
  • Myka would occasionally quote from the warehouse manual. I loved how they conceptualised it.
  • Claudia, that skirt looked wrong. I may have no right to give fashion advice, but it has to be said.
  • Finally, it was nice to see some old friends again. One was slightly over used, and the second almost made me tear up.

It is a brave choice for a TV series to end with a clip show, even if the clips are new. Most fans would naturally have wanted a bonkers story and for everything to finish with a bang. If you want that watch the previous episode, Cangku Shisi.

There is a tinge of sadness with the realisation that it is probably the last we will see of the warehouse. There is one story left to tell, how Claudia becomes the new caretaker. We’re probably never going to see it, but I’m still wishing for that movie down the line.

It was a different finale, but Warehouse 13 never did anything in a normal way.

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