Giving Into The Dark Side

I had to get a new phone last week as my old one decided to fall apart. I was due a replacement anyway; it was a Microsoft phone, that was pretty obsolete. So, I got one sent to me the following morning. My new phone? In a moment of insanity I decided to join the dark side and get myself an iPhone 8.

I already own both an iPad and an iPod, so I’m not an Apple virgin. In fact, my mp3 player of choice has always been an iPod. My first was a fourth generation model, 40Gb with a proper click wheel, which I had for just over a decade before the battery finally died out. I upgraded it to the current touch model, but I only really used three apps on it Music, Podcasts, and Sentinels of the Multiverse.

I’ve always resisted getting myself an iPhone, as I’ve never had any pretentions of being cool, and they are really expensive. My personal philosophy has always been to have the best tool for a job, and all I really wanted from a phone is the ability to make calls, get messages, and check my emails. My old Windows phone could do that. So there wasn’t any point in upgrading.

Being forced to upgrade made me rethink things and I thought to myself that I really should give it a go. Maybe, I’m in the early stages of having a mid-life crisis, and it is certainly better than growing a ponytail.

These are my early impressions:

I’m going to give Apple some credit, as they have made it really easy to set up a phone if you already own an iOS device. On startup, I was able to download a backup from my iPod which got the phone up and running in a couple of minutes. I didn’t even need to reinstall the apps I have, as they were automatically downloaded. At another stage I connected to a Wi-Fi I could get the password from my iPad through Bluetooth. Convenient, but I’m a little concerned from a security viewpoint.

I then made a mistake and setup two factor authentication on the iPhone. Between my iPod, iPad and now iPhone I must have had to reenter my passwords a dozen times afterwards. It’s calm now, but at one stage my iPhone got stuck on asking for my iTunes details. In a fit of pique, I ended up resetting it.

Physically, the phone seems robust, but I don’t yet feel comfortable gripping it. It feels like a wet bar of soap which is too hard squeeze away from flying from my hand. I have bought myself a heavy duty case, and the extra weight makes it feel really comfortable to hold. I’m glad they have an adapter for my headphones, but it seems counterintuitive plugging them into the bottom of the phone rather than the top. I know that I can go wireless, but I’m not that cool yet.

The phone works, I can get texts and emails (I somehow get my work emails on it before the Outlook client. Don’t ask me how.) so it does what I want it to do. The next thing is probably to play with the apps a little bit, but I can safely say that my iPod is now a thing of the past.

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