A Fun Week At Work

I don’t normally mention work on the blog, but it certainly been a fun week this time around. As you may be aware, we’ve been having wintery conditions all this past week in the UK. There was even a hope that I might end up getting a day or two “working from home”. Didn’t happen, as I’ve been fortunate enough to miss most of the bad stuff.

My day job mainly involves supporting other functions, which can be a little difficult to do if I’m not on site. I’m also the person who lives closest to work; I’m exactly four miles away by walking route. Some colleagues were badly affected by the weather, so I’ve been covering for them. This has meant that I’ve been doing eleven to twelve hour days since Tuesday.

All week, I’ve been hearing people complain which has really got on my nerves. “Well, such and such place has been closed. Why are we still open?” has been the normal refrain all week. My attitude is quite simple, if public transport is running then I can get to work. If the buses had stopped then I would be joining the choir of whinging. The danger wasn’t at work but getting there and back.

One person that I work with did slip and break their wrist while walking to their car attempting to get in. This was immediately ceased upon as an excuse for it being too dangerous. I think that it was more unlucky than anything else.  I also believe that some people just wanted to spend a day or two at home out of the cold weather.

This makes me sound like some sort of super motivated person. I’m not. Would I have minded having a bonus day off work? Not at all, but there really needs to be a good reason for it. The picture for this post is one I’ve taken this morning showing how good the conditions are. As I’ve said before, I’ve been lucky enough to miss almost all of the bad conditions.

The ones who haven’t been able to get in, all live a fair bit away. I have nothing wrong with that, this week has been one of those judgement calls for which there are no wrong answers. I for one would happily not want to get stuck for hours on the road or on a train. Maybe, some of my colleagues believe that they were missing out.

At least the temperature has been above freezing today, so I think we are through the worst of it. I’m just hoping that it doesn’t drop below freezing until the snow melts off. Else it will get treacherous with ice. Then I may join the complaining…

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