An Ode to Potato Girl

Today is St Patrick’s Day. As you are reading this, I’m sitting in a pub somewhere celebrating all things Irish. It also puts me in a silly mood, and I’m going to write today about the most Irish of all things, potato. Actually, I’m going to write about Potato Girl.

Don’t worry she isn’t a superhero from the veggie verse.

Potato Girl is the nickname of a character called Sasha Blouse from the manga/anime Attack on Titan. She got this from her first appearance where… Actually, I’m just going to show you what happened in the anime.

Sasha is your typical comic relief character. She’s fun loving, eccentric and a little goofy. She’s my unofficial illegitimate daughter, especially as she has a thing for all things food. She may be a secondary character, but she is a ray of light in the dark world of Attack on Titan.

Originally, Sasha was to have died during the Clash of Titans arc (the beginning of the second season of the anime). Haijme Isayama’s editor talked him out of it, after said editor spent some time in the bathroom crying over her death. It’s good to see that I am not the only one who thinks that she is best girl.

Seriously though, in those early chapters she is a reminder that things are precarious within the walls. You may laugh at the over the top ways that she hoards food, but when they think that wall Rose has fallen, you soon realise how little spare food there is. Potato Girl is the personification of the question of where the next meal is coming from.

I’m moving towards manga spoiler territory, but it has been nice to see her again recently after an absence of far too long. Mustn’t say anything else at this point.

I’ve always had a soft spot for characters who are a little eccentric, and Potato Girl definitely falls into that category. I’m also very stereotypically Irish when it comes to the humble spud. So, the name Potato Girl automatically is the best.

Oh, did I mention the bonus potato action in the anime’s second season?

Let us all raise a potato of our choice (boiled, roasted, steamed or raw) to the best girl in all of anime, Sasha Blouse.

Happy Potato Day!

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