I Need More Time

Yesterday was a Bank Holiday here in the UK, and I had a day off work. I thought to myself, that with having some time on my hands I would go to the cinema and watch Ready Player One. One minor problem, my local cinema closed down last Friday.

The good news is that it is going to be redeveloped over the next six months and will become a picture house. There is also a new nine screen cinema opening shortly, which is only going to be a ten minute walk from my house. I’m going to be spoilt for choice; if I went to the cinema regularly.

That’s my problem, I probably go to the cinema three or four times a year, and then mostly for Star Wars films. If I sneak away for a break, I’ll normally go to the cinema then, but I always seem to be too busy with other stuff to get away from it all for a couple of hours. I just have too many other things to do at the moment.

It is an ongoing joke with my friends that I haven’t seen something at the cinema. Most of the time, I’m happy to wait until the DVD comes out, and then I’ll leave it gathering dust as I’ve got too much television to watch. I’ve always been more into television than movies, I like long form storytelling. But, even that that is getting a bit much now.

My goal for most evenings is to watch two episodes of geeky television. Doesn’t sound like much I know, but I seem to be recording more than that weekly, and that doesn’t include the things that I really want to watch either streaming or on DVD. For example, I bought the first season of Westworld just after Christmas and I still haven’t seen it yet.

The easy answer to this is that I should prioritise those shows I really like and watch them first. My issue, I like all of them. I think the big problem is that there isn’t really a respite anymore. Previously, I’ve done a great summer rewatch, but last year I abandoned my rewatch of Deep Space Nine because I got to October and I was still in the third season. There was simply too much new stuff to watch.

I’m not complaining about the quality of geeky television on right now. I’m whinging that I don’t have time to see all of it. I suppose I could just quit work and watch geeky TV full time, but I think my bank manager may complain about it. I would also start to starve pretty quickly too.

My point is that we are fortunately living at a time of peak geek (oh look, I did a rhyming thing). Gone are the days that you were doing well to have two or three shows a week that you would watch. We are getting close to the “Cult of the New”, whereby it is all about new series and we forget about the things that became before. I just hope we don’t get there.

I suppose that I need to get used to this new normal.

For now, I’ve got three episodes left of Jessica Jones, and if I start now, I may even get them watched by the end of the week.

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