Jessica Jones Season 2 Thoughts

As always, this will include spoilers…

Jessica Jones is the most personal of the various superhero stories out there. The first season dealt with her history with Kilgrave, and this second go round goes further back into her history. One question I ask though, who was the antagonist to this season?

Alisha Jones isn’t really a villain. Yes, I know that she did kill people (RIP Wheezer), but there was never a nefarious plan being carried out. Jessica’s greatest fear is losing control, and here her mother was uncontrollable. Alisha is the over powered version of her daughter in every way.

We all know that just under her leather coat and veneer of booze, our Jess is one messed up woman. So, having her deal with someone with no moral compass, but wants to help others is a right pain.

A question about Jessica Jones is whether she is a hero, or even if she wants to be one. Her heart has always been in the right place, but she doesn’t trust herself. At one stage Kilgrave haunts her, tempting her into losing control and becoming a killer. That is her ultimate struggle, being in control.

We see a glimpse of her life before Kilgrave. It’s almost her origin story as she is quite well adjusted at the beginning. With the murder of Stirling being the catalyst for her retreating into the bottle, and becoming the woman that we know.

Trish on the other hand, certainly wants to be a hero. In fact, she wants to be her sister. It is in the nature of an addict to become obsessed, and that is a word which can easily sums up the season for the former radio talking head. It starts with the investigation into IGH, which then morphs into the idea that Alisha needs to be taking out.

Answering the question I asked at the beginning of this post. I think that Trish is probably the biggest villain of the piece. I liked the relationship between the sisters in the first season, but here I begin to suspect that Trish is more broken than Jessica would ever have been. Trish for all her fame and money, wants to be special just like her sister.

Now that she may have those powers she’s wanted. It could get interesting, especially with her relationship with Jessica being so broken.

As everyone seems to be broken on this show, let’s talk quickly about Jeri Hogarth.

While Trish is obsessive, Hogarth is determined. It was interesting to see such a strong character play the victim for much of the season. It took the metaphorical slap to the back to the head of being conned that brought her back into being the woman we all know and fear. Always the master manipulator, her revenge was quite terrifying.

I did like how she dealt with her pair of sharks, sorry partners. Why did Hogarth need them anyway, if she had over 60% of the business? It is always good to see some opportunists getting their comeuppance. Oh, and she is back in her happy place, with her new instructor…

Overall, Jessica Jones is still my favourite of the Netflix Marvel shows. I do think that this wasn’t as strong as the first instalment, but it is such a unique perspective on the superhero genre that it was still captivating. I’ve said this before about the Marvel Netflix series, but the pacing was really bad at the beginning. It warms up just before the half way mark, and when it does the story improves greatly.

We leave our Jess more in control than ever. Maybe Oscar and Vito are going to be good for her! Is the fact that she seems to have fallen out with all her old mates, a sign that the story is now going to go forward? No doubt, she’ll be dragged back in eventually.

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