May the Fourth Be With You

Today is international Star Wars appreciation day, well for those people who are fans of the films anyway. It’s a good excuse to get out your imperial uniform, go dum dum dum dum de dum dum de dum, or even do the following.

Insert Admiral Ackbar impersonation.

It kind of sneaks up on me every year, but I normally try and watch one of the films on the day. Due to other things happening yesterday I didn’t get an opportunity. I would consider myself a wee bit of a fan, but doesn’t everybody.

I’m not 100% certain of why the films have been so popular for so long, people still claim to be Jedi on census forms under religion. My crackpot theory is that there is a strange mix between A New Hope being the first big summer blockbuster, boys enjoying space battles and the bad guys being so cool.

As a quick aside, is there any other film series where the bad guys are so popular? You look at something like the 501st legion, which is a costuming group of fans, and the vast majority wear Imperial uniforms. You don’t really come across those sorts of groups about rebellion, but everyone wants to be Darth Vader.

Who doesn’t want their own star destroyer? Or even a super star destroyer.

As I mentioned, I’m a wee bit of a fan. While I was living in Guernsey I got an opportunity to watch the cinematic versions of the original trilogy in one day. Even though I had seen the opening sequence numerous times, I still gasped as I watched the Devastator slowly going over my head as it chased the Tantive IV.

When Revenge of the Sith came out, I spent the day before in a cinema in Leicester Square watching the first five films. I was about the only person there not in costume. However, surviving the day meant I got to see Episode 3 exactly at midnight on opening day. I’ve done the slightly shorter version of the midnight cinema experience for the latest films.

I even spent a Christmas Day watching Episodes one through six. With seven, eight and Rogue One, it may need to go into a weekend spectacular if I was to do it again. Most not think that…

That’s the funny thing, even the fans admit that they aren’t really that good. The Empire Strikes Back is undoubtedly a masterpiece, the rest go between alright to why, oh why, did they ever think that was going to work. So why did I swoon when they said that they were going to make more?

For a long time I read most of the Expanded Universe novels. I pulled myself out at the end of the Yuuzhan Vong War, and have only occasionally read any prequel books. I occasionally re read one of the early trilogies, or even one of the X-Wing books. So, my like isn’t just the films, as I’ve spent far too much times even watching the cartoons. Oh, both Clone Wars and Rebels are really good.

Anyway, I hope that you had a good day. And may the fourth be with you.

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