Legends of Tomorrow Season 3

Legends of Tomorrow continues to be my favourite superhero television show. It’s fun in a box, in a goofy sort of way. Arrow is all dark and brooding. Supergirl is a social warrior. Flash is the personification of healthy living. The Legends are sitting in the corner drinking a cold one wondering while thinking that everyone else needs to cool down a bit.

Let’s start with the headline changes shall we. I’ve already written about Firestorm’s exit, but it was certainly great to see Jax again in the finale. Ari took a while to settle in, character wise as well as in story. Wally finally got from under Flash’s shadow. Oh, and it looks like Constantine is going to be around all next season. I’m a very happy bunny.

On the villain side of things, the big bad was Mallus, who I believe isn’t an existing DC character. The build up was so much better than the execution. When we finally see Mallus in physical form, it is as your standard winged demon. I suppose that is the limitation of having a TV budget, but I was underwhelmed. On a week to week basis, the heavy lifting was done by Damien Dhark and his daughter Nora.

A gigantic shout out to Neal McDonough for all of the scenery that he chewed this season. I know that Legends stole him from Arrow, but it’s going to be so difficult not having Damien Dhark around in the future (outside of time shenanigans, this is Legends of Tomorrow afterall). His arc of resurrection and redemption because of his bond with his daughter was satisfying. The slow realisation that making Nora a vessel of Mallus wasn’t the best of ideas was great writing and acting.

Did you know that the actress who played Nora is married to Brandon Routh (Ray Palmer/Haircut)? That would explain all of the “they would make a great couple” vibes I was getting in their scenes together. Can we get her back please?

I now need to talk about Rip (RIP). I just don’t think that he has ever been able to play well with others. He started with the not Timelords and got chucked out. He created the Legends of Tomorrow and, look how well that turned out for him. Then he founded the Time Bureau and got forced out of that group too. Once is unlucky, twice could be coincidence, three times is a pattern. Rip’s heart was always in the right place, as evidenced by his death, he just was too much of a loner.

At least Rip got one thing right, Ava Sharpe. And you thought that I omitted her, didn’t you? The realisation that she is a clone from the future is an idea that I really want them to play with in the future. What makes her so different? Why didn’t anyone notice that Rip replaced Ava twelve times? The transition from the stern face of the Time Bureau, to now being a key ally for the Legends was well crafted. And her bond with Sara, I want to see where that goes.

My final words on characters are for the greatest hero of them all Beebo! Every so often I find myself thinking “That is so Legends”. The great blue one managed to get me twice. Once with his appearance as a Viking god, and secondly as the worst Voltron ever. A demon getting beaten up by a fifty foot stuffed animal is one of the silliest things I have ever watched on television. And Beebo has some wresting moves too. There is also only once show that can get away with that.

Talking about getting away with things. Mallus was voiced by John Noble, so having an episode entitled “Guest Starring John Noble” kind of gave away that they were about to do something really goofy. Of course, this lead to the getting the actor who voices the big bad to impersonate said evil person. I want to know two things, what are the writers on? Where can I get some?

Legends of Tomorrow is at it’s best when it asks what is a box? And I love it for that.

I am going to complain about the very ending to the season. Haven’t we seen that before, like last year. Oh look, Legends you’ve defeated the big bad, but in doing so you’ve made things worse. I suppose that means that they are doubling down on the mystical things, and that also means more Constantine.

I’m not going to complain too much.

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