My Happy Place

If you don’t recognise the picture that I’ve used at the top of this post, it is of Spaceship Earth in Walt Disney World. I’ve worked there in the past, and I still refer to it as being my dream job. In fact, I would happily go back right now if I could. 

I’m not too bothered about most of the films, but I love going to the theme parks. Most adults go on holiday to encounter culture, architecture and new experiences. On the other hand, I like to go away and act like a five year old. To paraphrase the Song of the South, Walt Disney World is my happy place. 

When I first started working in London, I would visit Disneyland Paris two or three times a year as it is convenient to get to. However, in about 2006 the price to stay on site sky rocketed and I found that it wasn’t too much more expensive to go to Florida for a week. So I moved my sights to the big place, and I haven’t looked back. 

I cannot sit around doing nothing while on holiday. The idea of me spending a day sitting on the beach is almost as painful of the idea of me losing weight. Too distressing to contemplate! I love to wander around and just get on with things, and cannot keep still for more than a few moments. I can only handle being in a city for a couple of days before I get bored and want to move on. I spent a year going to a Disney Park every day and was never restless. 

The other thing I adore about going to Disney is the fact that I don’t need to worry about things. 

Let me put it like this, I arrive at Orlando airport and Disney puts on a coach to my resort. If I want to go to a park, well there is a bus that takes me there. If I want to do some shopping, there is a bus to Downtown Disney for that. If I want to go out for a fancy meal, well Disney World has forty or fifty restaurants. And at the end of my stay, there is even a coach to take me back to the airport. I can spend my whole holiday in the Disney bubble, and not have to think about anything. 

I like not thinking. 

The easy criticism is that you can’t really go unless you have children. To be honest, I think that having children around is more of a hindrance than anything else. That came out so wrong! Let’s just say that you’ll be surprised how many people go there without children. You just have to be a child at heart. 

When I’m there I feel that I switch off completely from everything else. The crowds don’t other me, as I feel that there is always something else that I can do. I feel safe, relaxed, and never bored. I’m writing this post smiling to myself whilst thinking about my time there. If that doesn’t describe a happy place, I’m not sure what does. 

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