Sense8 Finale Thoughts

It’s that time of the year again where TV seasons come to an end, and I’ve realised that I’ve got a backlog of posts to write. So it’s time for me to do quite a bit of thinking.

I had mixed feelings when Sense8 was originally cancelled. I thought that it was interesting and unique, but it must have been a very expensive show to make and could understand why the plug was pulled. $9 million per episode is a lot of subscriptions.

I was really happy though when it was announced that there would be a film to finish things off. It was such a wonderful concept, this idea of eight people who are connected in such a complete way. I invested time in the show and wanted to see what the overall story was. I wanted to be satisfied that Sense8 was complete, and after watching the film I am.

You will need to have watched the previous two seasons before this film as we jump straight into the main storyline. In fact, all of the side stories are abandoned as the first two hours deal with the BPO. Don’t worry I’ll get to the last half hour in a bit.

The film is obviously a love letter to all of the fans. The planning of the film went along the lines of “Let’s give them everything. All of the stuff.” Every character makes an appearance, and they went through the list of things they wanted to show and did all of it. If a miracle happened and someone decided that there should be more Sense8, there isn’t anything left to show.

This makes things seem a little confusing, convenient and bloated. Concentrating on the cluster would have been a more streamlined story, but no Sylvester McCoy would have made me sad. You can see the outline of what would have been the next three seasons. You know that cluster would have solved everything by the end but some things are farmed out for expediency. Mind you, Wolfgang and his rocket launcher tie things in a nice little bow.

This brings me very quickly to the last half hour of the film. Nomi and Amanita’s wedding. It’s a wonderful metaphor for the series as a whole. Sense8 wasn’t really about secret organisations, but about how people are connected. Nomi’s mother finally comes around and it is an opportunity to get the whole gang together and for some to learn the identity of the spirit of Van Damme.

The film ends with one last orgy scene, because it is Sense8 and that is what it does.

I enjoyed the finale, and it is really something that is aimed squarely at fans. It got the opportunity to finish it’s story and took it gracefully. It is a flawed film, but because it tried to give fans a satisfying ending. This is a rare thing, and I’m glad that we got to see the end.

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