A Crash Course

When I moved back to London I didn’t buy myself a car. I didn’t need one as it was a short bus journey to work, and public transport in the city is generally quite good. Anyway, you need to be a special type of eejit to want to drive around London. If I needed a car, I would just hire one. It made economic sense. 

Things have changed recently where I seem to being more dependent on friends giving me lifts. I’m thankful for those, but it really is unfair for me to take advantage of them and just assume that I’m getting one. So, a couple of weeks back I decided to buy myself a car. It is a small hatchback, which runs pretty well and I have to say that I really enjoy pottering around in it. 

But I’m not really here to write about my current driving. Today, I’m going to take you back to two days before passing my driving test. Where I managed to write off the car I was learning in. 

When I decided to learn how to drive I decided to spend a week on an intensive driving course rather than having regular lessons a week. I found that with even having a lesson every other day, I was spending half the lesson getting myself back up to speed. Driving for five hours a day just worked better for me. 

Anyway, I seemed to be getting along quite well, and was really starting to enjoy driving around the countryside. Towns were busier, but I was starting to get used to it when disaster struck. 

I was driving along heading towards a set of traffic lights at a busy junction just as they went red. I still had enough time to stop safely before the junction so I did. Unfortunately, the lorry that was behind me didn’t. He had sped up to get through the traffic light and crashed into the back of my car, sending it straight into the middle of the junction. Luckily, I didn’t hit anything else. 

I was quite shaken by the ordeal, and just sat in the driver’s seat. My instructor got out of the car to talk to the lorry driver, and immediately collapsed as he had hurt his back. So, there I was phoning for an ambulance whilst in shock. The lorry driver thought that I was going to go through the red light and decided to try and join me. My response was to ask if he had seen the L sign on the roof of my car which was now sitting in the middle of a hedge. 

Eventually, the police arrived to clear out the junction, and an ambulance came and took my instructor to the local hospital. Once he was carted out, I was told that I could drive off, and that was when I pointed out that I was the learner. The policeman’s response is unfortunately not repeatable on this family friendly blog. I ended up waiting an hour for a qualified police driver to arrive so that I could drive back to the B&B I was staying at. 

All this meant that I managed to make the national traffic bulletin, because I managed to block the whole town centre. And the best thing of it all. The name of the company that I learned to drive with. Of course, they were called Crash Courses. 

I didn’t think they threw one in. 

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