Arrow Season 6 Thoughts

There was an opportunity at the beginning of this season to make some major changes. Lian Yu put the whole cast in peril, but the main fallout seemed only to be the death of William’s mother. It felt disappointed, which was a feeling that I just couldn’t shake off for the whole season.

It seemed that there was a lack of focus this time around (A bit like my attempts at writing this). Some idea felt interesting, but the execution on the whole didn’t seem to work for me. Of the Arrowverse shows Arrow has always been my least favourite, which boils down to why anyone would trust Oliver as he is incapable of being fully open with anyone.

I think that someone finally read the email with the Team Arrow split. Why did it happen? The newbies realised that Oliver was never going to trust them fully. Even Diggle and Felicity were pushed away, the same Felicity who married Oliver half a dozen episodes earlier. Can we really see something different please?

The problem though was this split just ran out of steam very quickly. If you split a posse of teenagers you would have got the same results with everyone in a huff with each other. I was originally on New Teen Arrow, but after a couple of episodes I just stopped caring.

How many false starts did we get in the redemption story of Laurel Lance? It had more turns than a slalom course, with Laurel stabbing everyone in beck so often that no one will now let her stand behind them. With the departure of the always excellent Paul Blackthorne, I suppose her turn to the light is complete. I wonder what will happen between her and Dinah.

Mentioning people leaving, it seems that Thea is gone too considering that she came out of her coma and then ran off with Roy Harper and Nyssa. Honestly, she hasn’t been around for a while so didn’t feel like an emotional exit. Also, with Arsenal coming back next season without Speedy…

Cayden James began the season as the big bad, and hackers do not make great antagonists. Nothing wrong with the acting, but James wasn’t compelling, and I was cheering when he was put out of his misery. Ricardo Diaz on the other hand, was a major upgrade and I felt that we had someone who could go toe to toe with Oliver. His plan seemed to be to take over the city and cause mayhem. It became very uneven, especially after the secret crime syndicate turned up.

And they came out of nowhere, which was a common theme throughout the season. We found out that Vigilante was Dinah’s old partner who may have been undercover. It didn’t matter as he was killed by Laurel during one of her turns. Oliver was acquitted during his trail for being the Green Arrow on a technicality when someone impersonating a judge over-ruled a jury. But don’t worry, Ollie is still going to prison when he turned himself into the FBI to save everyone else. This being the same FBI who disappeared for most of the season.

The one saving grace was the return of Slade Wilson. It was a nice side mission and I loved the relationship between the two men. If I’m going to praise, then a big cheer for evil Ollie during the Earth-X crossover. But outside of those…

Normally, when I write these things I’m always trying to be positive and upbeat. You’ll notice that I’m not doing that good of a job with this one. I’m going to be honest for a second. If this wasn’t part of the Arrowverse I would be done with Arrow. I’m just not finding it that interesting, and it is rapidly becoming a show which I’ll have on whilst doing something else.

I suppose I can’t really write anything else. Now, can I?

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