Falling Over

I’ve been struggling a little bit this week with a bad back, which has been coming and going. By the time I’ve been getting home from work all I’ve wanted to do is lay myself down and relax rather than sitting in front of a computer screen.

I was at work looking into why there was no sound coming from one of the computers. I fixed t but when I stood away from the desk I tripped over the desk drawers and fell over head first. My front roll managed to get 9.3 from the Romanian judge as I ended up on my back. It must have looked impressive as everyone just stared at me afterwards rather than the expected response of cheering or at least laughing.

I felt fine standing up, but it was a different story when I tried to walk down some stairs. I ended up walking down them sideways as it was the only way of managing to get to the ground floor without me collapsing into a mess of pain. The funny thing is that it has felt it’s worst when I’ve been at work. Maybe I’m just work shy.

I didn’t think that the trip was that bad, but it is always those innocuous accidents which seem to have the biggest consequences. I suppose that as I weigh eighteen stone, it will make a large impact when I hit the ground. But, it is those moments when something happens that you aren’t prepared for that causes the most damage.

But I think that my career as a gymnast is now officially over…

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