Supergirl Season 3 Thoughts

I’ve normally described Supergirl as the rainbows, unicorns and social justice show of the Arrowverse. It is fun but there is normally an undertone to everything going on, the alien bar as an allegory to immigration and so on. I felt that this season seemed to be missing something.

Supergirl’s greatest strength continues to be the character moments. Throughout the season the best parts were seemingly those times when two people just talked to each other. The intimacy I feel with the characters are what makes me come back, especially when the overall storyline seemed to be too random.

I think that the additions to the cast added a great deal to the show. I had no idea who Sam and Ruby were at the beginning of the season, but they fitted well into the Supergirl family (I’ll get to Reign in a minute). M’yrnn added a sense of gravitas to proceedings, and highlighted the question of how do you deal with a loved one deteriorating in front of you. Again, that social justice thing.

The one thing that didn’t work was Morgan Edge being a foil for Lena Luthor. It feels like something that was abandoned especially with Lena moving along to her falling out with Supergirl. Will Edge go the way of Maxwell Lord and just be completely forgotten about?

Talking of things being forgotten about, is Kara no longer a reporter? Asking for a friend. Oh, and I miss Snapper.

The main plot was regarding Reign and the cult of whatever. Reign’s reveal was spectacular, but in the second half of the season things just felt bogged down. I’m not sure that we really needed the Kryptonian witches when Pestilence and Purity were better. It just seemed to be adding mythology rather than moving the story on. It just lost that early season momentum and couldn’t recover.

Rant alert. I’m really disappointed by the idea of splitting Reign and Sam into two different beings. It took all of the tension out of the situation and made Reign into another generic bad girl. I think that it would have been a stronger story with Sam still winning the day, but having to live with what she did as Reign. It just seemed too neat.

You’ll notice that I haven’t mentioned Mon-El and the Legion yet. I liked that Mon-El came back as a more mature and better person. This version was so much better than the one we saw in the second season. The whole cape-fu thing was a lot of fun, and it was nice for him to teach Kara something for a change. The whole relationship thing with Imra just didn’t work for me.

Talking of relationships I need to finish off with Alex. I think that Chyler Leigh is the secret weapon of Supergirl. Her portrayal of Alex Danvers is great, and it is great to see the character grow personally. In most TV shows people grow into their job, but what we see here is someone dealing with issues that are outside of the day job. Last season, it was about her sexuality, this time around it was the idea of her wanting to start a family. The best part was when she was acting as Ruby’s guardian. And that conversation with Ruby about M’yrnn was simply brilliant.

Again those intimate moments.

So, Supergirl is being reconfigured for the next season. Winn is now primarily in the future, another thing that came out of the blue, and will be replaced by Brainy who can’t go back because of plot reasons. J’onn has gone to live with the people and Alex is now director but really wants to have a family.

I just hope that this new version doesn’t have the growing pains that Flash and Arrow had.

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