Agents of SHIELD Season 5 Thoughts

I read somewhere that Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD had been renewed for a sixth season, but you wouldn’t have known that after watching the season finale. Even the name “The End” gave the impression that it was the end.

But I’m getting ahead of myself, unlike last season which had three succinct storylines which were linked at the end, this time around it was one story which was split into two acts. The first was in the future while the second was in the present dealing the with the circumstances which lead to the timeline in the first part.

I like how Agents of SHIELD has played with their season structure recently. A twenty two episode season can be a slog, but by splitting it up into chunks keeps it fresh for the viewer. Heroes tried this back in the day, but it never really worked after the first season.

The bulk of the season took place in The Lighthouse, the latest in a long line of secret SHIELD bases. It was full of dark and dingy corridors, the perfect place for a more budget friendly television series. Team Coulson (minus Fitz) was taken here at the end of the previous season. The kicker was that they were in the future after the world was cracked open by Daisy Johnson aka the world killer.

I’m not a Daisy\Quake\Skye fan. I always found her kind of vanilla, and everything seems to revolve around her which gets boring after a while. So, this didn’t surprise me and didn’t excite me either. There were a couple of big take aways from this future part.

The first is Yo-Yo meeting her future self and getting a key to stopping the splitting of the Earth. Which boils down to letting Coulson die. This puts her at odds with most of the team in the second part of the season. The second is the introduction of Deke a friendly scavenger from the future who ends up in the present. Oh, and he is also the grandson of Fitz and Simmons.

Did I mention that Simmons and Fitz got married? They did, I got really excited, and they are now Mr and Mrs Simmons-Fitz. Well, it’s more complicated than that. Fitz ended up in a pod to get to the future the long way around and came back to the present with the rest of the team. Fitz died, and Jemma is now having to find pod Leo. Did you know that everyone’s favourite science couple cannot catch a break?

Agents of SHIELD began with the death of Agent Coulson, and as he says himself every they use alien tech to keep someone alive, it doesn’t go well. So, the series goes full circle with Coulson and May left to live out his last days on Tahiti. It’s a magical place you know. Yo-Yo was right, the key to stopping the cracking of the Earth was allowing Coulson to die. Of course, now that there is going to be a sixth season that may not be the case.

Earlier I wrote that this felt more like the end of the series rather than a season. The second half of the season feels like a playing of SHIELD’s greatest hit. HYDRA makes a come, lead by Catherine Dent from The Shield (Sorry couldn’t resist myself). We have sightings of Deathlok, Whitehall and even Flowers. It just feels like they were saying goodbye by linking everything together one last time.

By the last episode I felt that Agents of SHIELD was done. That money they saved with having everything in The Lighthouse. Used on special effects of a spaceship crashing through Chicago which looked cinematic.

The big question will be going forward if Coulson stays dead. With a shortened sixth season order hopefully the temptation to bring him back will not be too great. There is an opportunity here for them to reimagine the series (again) which something they have been pretty good at. Mind you, a certain big purple thumb hasn’t clicked his fingers yet!

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