Humans Series 3 Thoughts

For all the talk about Westworld and Game of Thrones, I think that the best genre television show at the moment is Humans. No show is perfect, I’ll get to that in a moment, but it is the perfect allegory to many things happening in the world right now. This grounding in reality along with a sense that synths aren’t that far away makes Humans grounded and believable. 

There is a time jump from the end of the second series when Mattie gave consciousness to the synths. It is now one year later, and there are now two types of synths, orange and green eyed. Green eyed synths are those that have awoken and are distrusted by the population at large, and a commission is created to work out rights for them. 

I ultimately liked the time skip. Yes, I wanted to see the direct aftermath of the awakening, but it would have easily bogged down the storyline (and would have needed a bigger budget). The Dryden Commission looking at what rights green eyes should have is the main driving force of the series. Laura finds herself on the commission as the voice in favour of equal rights and she knows that something is going on behind the scenes. 

While Laura is fighting for rights inside the system, it is Mia’s protests that is the heart of the action. Always there, and always peaceful Mia’s movement is powerful and concludes with her death. Mia becomes both the symbol and martyr to the cause. Gemma Chan has really been the centre of Humans since the beginning and it will feel strange not having her around in the future. 

The one place that I think that the storyline misstepped was a scene where Laura is made to make a choice about killing Sam (a child synth) and a random human from the street. Laura chooses to save the human and let Sam die. It was of course a trap, but it seemed too contrived. The scene was included to show Sam that humans cannot be trusted, rather than a new development for Laura. 

It is somewhat funny that it is Niska who goes on a spiritual journey this season. Her default is to always fight back, so having her chase after the “synth who sleeps” was an interesting development. This leads to a third type of synth (the purple eyed), and Niska now seems to have the power to control orange eyes. I feel a manic laughing session coming on. 

So Mattie is pregnant with Leo’s child and it is a human synth hybrid. Let us see if they do more with this than BSG ever did. Anyway, I do have one question, didn’t Leo lose all his synth bits while he was in his coma between series? I suppose that it gives Niska something or someone to protect with her new god like powers. 

What is going to happen to Joe’s fruit and veg shop? I’m guessing that he has abandoned it since he ran off with Sam after Karen’s death. I’ll miss Karen, her story had come to an end in the previous series and part of me hoped that she could have a happy ever after with Sam. It felt complete her offering up her own life to save Sam’s, but why did they risk it in the first place? 

Anatole was a good old fashioned villain, which is something we haven’t really seen before. There was something wrong with him the first time we saw his shrine and as he became Max’s only confidant I was shouting at the screen “don’t do it”. This is also the story of Max’s life. I like Max, his heart is in the right place, but he is too trusting. This is what makes him the most human of the original synth family, but he isn’t the most natural leader. 

Now a technical question, the big thing about Basswood is that by spiking the power they could blow the power supplies of the synths. If you were recharging in a home it might happen, but in a large industrial complex they would have a power regulator which would deal with most of the spike (or would be damaged first). Again, just too convenient to the plot. 

Anyway, I really enjoyed this series, and I think that it has already been renewed for a fourth. So, happy days. 

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