Hello and welcome to The Geeky Eejit. As you can see, the place needs a little bit of decorating. I’ve only moved in, and am still trying to fix the place up before the grand opening. I wouldn’t touch the walls yet; the paint is still a wee bit wet.

So, what is The Geeky Eejit? Well, it’s the pub in my mind that I go to when I need to think things over. I’ve had to move to a slightly larger premise recently as the last one got a little bit crowded. The good news is that this place has an area that I can open up for guests, and you are amongst the first.

The name Geeky Eejit comes from the two things that probably describe me best. I’m a geek, and an eejit. Hopefully, you already know what a geek is, and an eejit is a kind of idiot, not stupid, but more silly. It’s the person we all know that has a tendency to have strange things happening to them. It’s an Irish expression, which works well because I’m Irish.

The grand plan is to fill up this area with things about me. Each post will be me, in a meta-physical way, putting objects in the room for you to look at. Some will be pictures from my past, others may be memorabilia from geeky things I like, and they may also be the odd mounted head from when I solve the problems of the world. No doubt, there will so be the occasional bit of random tat.

All you need to do is take a seat and relax. One of my servers will be with you shortly, so that you can order the beverage of your choice. The toilets are just to the side of the bar. Oh, please stay away from the door with the chains around it, nothing for you to worry about. Trust me!

And our menu has only one item on it. Steak and chips…


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