An Ode to Potato Girl

Today is St Patrick’s Day. As you are reading this, I’m sitting in a pub somewhere celebrating all things Irish. It also puts me in a silly mood, and I’m going to write today about the most Irish of all things, potato. Actually, I’m going to write about Potato Girl. Don’t worry she isn’t a... Continue Reading →

York Railway Museum

Thinking about it for a second, I don’t think that I’ve been to the National Railway Museum since I was at University. As you all know, I’m a bit of a geek, and as much as I like trains, I would never consider myself to be an expert. I’ve lived with train spotters, and even... Continue Reading →


I spent last night prepping up a quiz I’m doing this coming weekend. I spent most of my evening bulking up a quiz I did a while back for a different group, swapping out the odd question and adding in a couple of bonus ones. I’m basing my quiz vaguely in the style of the... Continue Reading →

Board Game Disaster

There is a film coming out in a few weeks called Game Night, which is a film about a group of friends who are having a board game evening and somehow, they get involved in a murder. I had never heard about it before, and honestly I don’t have any intention of watching it. It... Continue Reading →

Star Trek: Discovery Thoughts

I’ve written in a previous post about how hard it is to do a prequel, and after watching the entirety of the first season I still have the same concern. Does this really need to be set before the original series? I’m going to move quickly on from this point to talk about everything else... Continue Reading →

Altered Carbon: Some Thoughts

I was planning to watch Altered Carbon over the course of a couple of weeks. An episode here, one there, and a couple of days off between them. Somehow, I managed to watch all ten episodes over the course of three days. I just found it that captivating. The series follows the story of Takeshi... Continue Reading →

Episodes – Endless

I have a thing about series finales. As a completest, I like knowing the whole story. Every thread doesn’t have to be in a perfect bow, but an ending should be answering questions not asking them. Can you guess at one I'm thinking about? Ultimately, a send-off should be like a great delusion, really satisfying.... Continue Reading →

A Galaxy Not So Far Away

I’m still being really indecisive about what I’m going to do for a holiday this year. It seems however, that I’ve managed to sort out a holiday for 2020. It seems that I’ve talked myself into going to Disney World. “Why?” I hear you cry. At my local friendly Sci-Fi and Fantasy group last weekend,... Continue Reading →

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