Tax Avoidance For Dummies

A while back I spent two years being self-employed as a contractor. I was annoyed with my previous employer, and liked the idea of having a little bit of freedom. As such I had to create my own little company. Holiday Fund may have been in the name. That was nice, but there was a... Continue Reading →

The Belgariad

I can’t believe that it is nearly twenty five years since I first read the Belgariad. I had “borrowed” my older sisters copy of The Diamond Throne (the first book of The Elenium), and went searching through my local library for other books by David Eddings. I sat down with Pawn of Prophecy and was... Continue Reading →

Being Different

A couple of weekends back I was on my first LARP of the year. More on that later. During one of the breaks a bunch of us were sitting around talking about how we explained to people what we were doing that weekend. It lead us down the rabbit hole until friends shared their horror... Continue Reading →

Episodes – Mirror Image

This is a controversial choice, but my favourite final episode of a science fiction television show is Mirror Image, the last episode of Quantum Leap. This episode ends with the message that “Dr. Sam Becket never returned home.” This is seen as a bit of a cop out, but under the circumstances, it was probably... Continue Reading →

Jessica Jones Season 2 Thoughts

As always, this will include spoilers… Jessica Jones is the most personal of the various superhero stories out there. The first season dealt with her history with Kilgrave, and this second go round goes further back into her history. One question I ask though, who was the antagonist to this season? Alisha Jones isn’t really... Continue Reading →

I Need More Time

Yesterday was a Bank Holiday here in the UK, and I had a day off work. I thought to myself, that with having some time on my hands I would go to the cinema and watch Ready Player One. One minor problem, my local cinema closed down last Friday. The good news is that it... Continue Reading →

Let’s Talk About Data

It’s quite rare that I talk about my day job on the blog. Recently there has been a brouhaha about people’s data not being properly protected. I’m going to try and explain what has been going on and why it happens. I’m going to be doing it within the context of advertising. In reality advertising... Continue Reading →

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