Giving Into The Dark Side

I had to get a new phone last week as my old one decided to fall apart. I was due a replacement anyway; it was a Microsoft phone, that was pretty obsolete. So, I got one sent to me the following morning. My new phone? In a moment of insanity I decided to join the... Continue Reading →

Star Trek: Discovery Thoughts

I’ve written in a previous post about how hard it is to do a prequel, and after watching the entirety of the first season I still have the same concern. Does this really need to be set before the original series? I’m going to move quickly on from this point to talk about everything else... Continue Reading →

It’s a Small World After All

I was already working for Disney in the UK when I interviewed for a job at Walt Disney World. I got through the first phone interview and was invited for an in person second interrogation. Now you may be aware of this, but the journey from London to Orlando isn’t exactly the shortest or cheapest. So, they decided... Continue Reading →

Conversations on Trains Part 2

The more astute of you will have noticed that in my last post the title ended with Part 1. I have three stories about strange conversations on trains but I noticed that the previous post was getting rather long so I took the editorial decision to split it into two parts. Don’t say that I... Continue Reading →

Conversations on Trains Part 1

I’ve got one of those faces that everyone seems to want to talk to.  I've been known to sometimes have my headphones on even though I'm not listening to anything. Sometimes I just want to be left alone. I suppose that I don’t help myself, by answering and talking back, but that was the way... Continue Reading →

Altered Carbon: Some Thoughts

I was planning to watch Altered Carbon over the course of a couple of weeks. An episode here, one there, and a couple of days off between them. Somehow, I managed to watch all ten episodes over the course of three days. I just found it that captivating. The series follows the story of Takeshi... Continue Reading →

Episodes – Endless

I have a thing about series finales. As a completest, I like knowing the whole story. Every thread doesn’t have to be in a perfect bow, but an ending should be answering questions not asking them. Can you guess at one I'm thinking about? Ultimately, a send-off should be like a great delusion, really satisfying.... Continue Reading →

Thinking In Pictures

I’ve always been a dreamer. Even now, I’ll catch myself occasionally losing track of time whilst sitting on a bus or train. One minute I’m looking out the window, the next it’s ten minutes later. It's could be something more serious, but I'm sticking with dreaming. I’ve always thought that we are only limited by... Continue Reading →

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